An indoor theme park that offers visitors gyoza,dessert and attractions to enjoy.

Gyoza,Dessert,Attraction NAMJATOWN Map

Welcome to NAMJATOWN

NAMJATOWN is made up of 3 towns. The new and lively,
Western-styled town where you can play various games
[Dokkingham Plaza]. The old Japanese town from the Showa
period spread with [NAMJA Gyoza Stadium] and [FUKUBUKURO
DESSERT YOKOCHO] - [FUKUBUKURO 7 Chome Shopping Street].
The land haunted by MONONOKEs [MONONOKE Unnumbered Plot].
NAMJATOWN is a place where you can play and have plenty of
fun in these 3 towns.

MONONOKE Unnumbered Plot

Scary area likely out haunted

MONONOKE Unnumbered Plot

FUKUBUKURO 7 Chome Shopping Street

Old Japanese cityscape

FUKUBUKURO 7 Chome Shopping Street

Dokkingham Plaza

Dokkingham Plaza

NAMJA Gyoza Stadium

A mass of famous pot-stickers [Gyoza] shop specially chosen
from all over Japan. Please try the local food [Gyoza].

Gyoza is one of the most popular Japanese foods.We are familiar with Gyoza news.
It is about the consumption of Gyoza and which prefecture is the best lover of Gyoza.
You might think there is little difference in each Gyoza.
But,Japanese people understand it and like a pro.Don't miss chance and it's now of never!

The BIG 4 Gyoza in NAMJATOWN

Famous Gyoza shop are gathered from all over Japan.
Please enjoy Japan's national food, Gyoza.


8Pieces ¥520
6Pieces ¥390

Best in West Japan.
Hakata's iron pot Gyoza
[Tetsu Nabe Arae Honten]

Best in West Japan.
Hakata's iron pot Gyoza
[Tetsu Nabe Arae Honten]
Established since 1962.
The famous shop which started
from a street stall in front of
Hakata station.


4Pieces ¥490
3Pieces ¥390

Best in East Japan.
Koga's famous round
Gyoza [Maruman]

Best in East Japan.
Koga's famous round Gyoza
Established since 1964.
Koga's famous round Gyoza.


4Pieces ¥620
3Pieces ¥470

Best in the vote.
Shiga's gourmet Gyoza

Best in the vote.
Shiga's gourmet Gyoza [Paou]
The gold medalist for Monde
Selection, using Japan's top
three Omi beef Gyoza


3Pieces ¥550

Best of buzz[Kakou]

Long-established Tokyo
dumplings "Kakou."
Long-established xiaolongbao
(eastern Chinese steamed bun)
and dumplings shop, founded in

※Best of buzz[Kakou]You can buy this
   Gyoza at ”Hokkai Tokachi Gyoza”

Comparing the tastes

Three Major Chinatowns Collaboration

Yokohama Chinatown "Shigorokusaikan", Kobe Nankinmachi "Ouran", Nagasaki Chinatown "Lao Lee“
You can try Gyoza from famous restaurants in "Three Major China Towns Co-starring"
Let taste and compare the differences of Gyoza restaurant in "Three Major Chinatowns Co-starring"

Yokohama Chinatown

4Pieces ¥370

This restaurant was founded in 1961.
It has a long history and has been on
TV countless time.

Kobe Nankinmachi

4Pieces ¥370

This restaurant was founded in 1985.
It a restaurant which is very well-known
in Kansai area.

Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown
[Lao Lee]

6Pieces ¥400

This restaurant was founded in 1980.
It is a restaurant which serve well-establised
water dumplings, and is a representative of
Nagasaki Chinatown.

Utsunomiya and Hamamatsu Collaboration

The most two popular area for Gyoza,
Utsunomiya in Tochigi prefecture and
Hamamatsu in Shizuoka prefecture.

Winged Gyoza  Collaboration

The Gyoza which is stick together and have
a wide crispy part that looks like wings!.

Tochigi Utsunomiya

5Pieces ¥390

The best of the best restaurant
in Utsunomiya.

Shizuoka Hamamatsu

4Pieces ¥400

Hamamatsu Gyoza founded in 1953.

Tokyo Kamata[Niihao]

3Pieces ¥400

The restaurant which is the Winged Gyoza origin.

Tokyo Shinjuku[Antei]

4Pieces ¥400

The Gyoza created anew as new sensation cheese kneaded Gyoza.


Hokkaido Tokachi
[Hokkai Tokachi Gyoza]

3Pieces ¥390

Hokkaido's Most Popular.
Bringing out all the goodness in Vegetables・Meat,
flavorful [Hokkai Tokachi Gyoza]

Original Gyoza

Zenkoku Tarekurabe Gyoza

1Plate ¥400
2Plate Set ¥750

Original Gyoza available only here at “NAMJA Gyoza Stadium”.
You can enjoy comparing the taste of Gyoza
with different sauces.


A variety of decorated dessert which you can only find in NAMJATOWN.

In NAMJATOWN there are many unique desserts. Such as decorated cute desserts and desserts with anime designs.
The popular menu would be sold out immediately.

【Ice cream shop】Local Ice Parlor    Local Ice Parlor Menu 〈Example〉

※Kind of ice are subject to change without notice

【Green Tea Ice Cream】 【White sesame seeds ice cream】
【Red beans Ice Cream】 【YAMECHA Ice Cream 】
【Beef tongue Ice Cream】 【Miso Ramen Ice Cream】
【Pearl Ice Cream 】 【Golden Vanilla Ice Cream】

Tens of Kinds of local ice-creams from all over Japan, try and compare the ice-creams you like.

【Cake shop】 Patisserie cute

【Cake shop】 Patisserie cute

NAMJATOWN limited time, skillfully decorated dessert by pâtissier Fukushima specialized shop. Even the decorating chocolates are hand-made.

【Gelato shop】Da Luciano

【Gelato shop】Da Luciano

As hundreds of gelatos are being introduced,
gelato professional Mr. Ueki brings you a new
and original decorated gelato shop.

【Crepe shop】Crepe paw

【Crepe shop】Crepe paw

Cute and original crepes with various
of characters peeping out at the top.

【Crepe shop】Santa Chubo!


Using hot, crispy crepes, the famous Hokkaido's Ebetsu
introduces you to cute, decorated crepes.

【Pancake shop】Renga Entotsu


Chef Aoyama, who holds various experiences, will introduce
you to a new sense of pancakes and decorated pancakes.


Have a good time in NAMJATOWN!!

Guide of a recommendation attraction of NAMJATOWN.

NAJAVU's Intense Fishing Spirits
NAJAVU's Intense Fishing Spirits

This a big fishing contest festival!
Fish as much as you can and aim to be the winner!
Will you be able to fish the legendary giant fish!?

How to play

  1. Aim the SAOCON(fishing rod controller) at the screen like you‘re throwing the fishing rod.
  2. When a fish bites on, reel it in.
  3. The ranking will be determined by the total weight of all the fish you have caught.
  4. Team up with everyone else to catch the 「Monster Fish」.
    If your team can catch 3
    before the time is up, you can move on to fish in the Golden Oceans.

Let's venture around the area with the "MONONOKE Rod" and capture

How to play

  1. Catch the UMM(Unidentified Mysterious MONONOKE ) from the UMM sources (points) which found by yourself.
  2. When finding the UMM source, put the Mononoke Rod near.
  3. If the UMM is appeared on the screen, shake the rod vertically and hang the pin.
  4. After hanging the pin, wind the reel to set the green power gauge to 0.
  5. If the UMM cannot be scanned at the center, try moving left to right to scan it.
  6. Within the limited time, catch as much as UMM as you can.

Futuristic Game Gun Gunner

Futuristic Game Gun Gunner

A shooting attraction
in a revolving seat.
Keep shooting in this
exhilarating game!!

Zombie Breaker

Zombie Breaker

For the courageous you!
Join the [Zombie Breaker]
squad and get rid of zombies
for us!

Explosion! Mosquito Battle

Explosion! Mosquito Battle

Let's Master the secret
"Explosion Shot" of the
legendary man, Explosion
Joe, and shoot down
ferocious Amazon mosquito!

The Magical School's Magic Experience

The Magical School's Magic Experience

Let's try Magic in the
Magical School.
Take down the evil dragon
WALUGA, with your very
own 「YUMAHO」 magic!

Hell's Restroom

Hell's Restroom

MONONOKE Detective Troop

MONONOKE Detective Troop

Fortune Teller Street

Fortune Teller Street

Namja Detective Group

Namja Detective Group

YOUKAI WATCH attraction
Escape Strategy within the Demon time

YOUKAI WATCH attraction Escape Strategy within the Demon time

Bluebird of Happiness

DONBURA Q Bath House Quiz

DONBURA Q Bath House Quiz Challenge

Tikcet at Access

Access Information
The JR, Tobu Tojo Line,Seibu Ikebukuro Line,
And Tokyo Metro.
8-min walk from the Ikebukuro Station.
The Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line.
3-min walk from the Higashi-ikebukuro Station.
The Toden Arakawa Line.
4-min walk from the Higashi-ikebukuro 4-chome.
Higashi-ikebukuro4-chome Station.
Ticket Prices Ticket Prices

※Admission to the park is free for children under the age of 3.

3-1-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 2F

Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 2F

HOURS 10:00am~10:00pm(Final admission is 9:00pm)

*Open year round. The hours, closed days, fees, etc.,may
  be changed without advance notice.
*Please come by train or bus when possible.

●Attractions and events may be terminated or changed at the Park’s
discretion.●Bring dangerous objects or substances , pets(excluding
service dogs),and food or drinks into the park is not allowed.●There is no
smoking in the Park.●The Park does not provide discounts for Sunshine
City Parking.●The transfer, resale, or loaning of tickets among customers
is not allowed.●Please do not leave your belongings unattended in chairs,
on benches, in eating or drinking areas, or elsewhere in the Park.
●Unattended belongings will be treated as lost articles.●The last order
at eating and drinking establishments is 9:30pm (9:45pm for some take-
out products).The hours of eating and drinking establishments may be
changed without notice due to running out of supplies or for other reasons.
●Posted information, prices, outlets, or other information may be changed
without notice.●All posted prices include tax.